Hi, I'm Jeff McCoy-MA Ed, a relationship coach with over eight years of experience in guiding adults to create the love life of their dreams.We all need community support to evolve and to meet people with whom we're compatible. That's why I've created Heart Connections exclusively for my clients; it's a community of conscious singles and couples of all ages and sexual orientations to connect and support their growth and exploration of love, romance, intimacy and sexuality. Please scroll down and view the video below to learn what Heart Connections can do for you.


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My gift to youI am offering this service as a gift - no strings attached.  We will talk about who you are and what you want and what is in the way of having it. Then we will begin to formulate a plan for removing the roadblocks in the way of having the love you desire.

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Freedom and Commitment

I was pondering the relationship between freedom and commitment. So often, people complain that their commitment to another is stifling their freedom. I think if we look hard at ourselves we will see that many times we enter into committed relationship because we want some assurance that the “good thing” that we’ve discovered in someone else will always be there. Further down the road, the luster wears off and maybe we become bored, or some other “shiny thing” catches our attention and we feel constrained.



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